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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having a proper backup plan for your data management and disaster recovery is one of the most crucial aspects of an information technology infrastructure; however, most businesses don’t effectively execute these plans. You can perform a self-assessment of your company’s backup plan by answering the following questions:


How will you recover your data if your hard drive fails on your servers or workstation computers?


How will you recover your data in the event of a fire or other type of environmental related failure?


What is your current backup data management and disaster recovery plan?


How will you recover your data in the event a thief steals your servers or workstation computers?

If you are unable to effectively answer these questions, your business may be at risk of encountering major data loss, which may result in your loss of clients and revenue due to downtime. It is better for your security as well as your clients that you set up a preventative maintenance program by contacting us at 623-688-5960.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to back up my Data?

In this day an age, it is necessary to back up your vital data on a regular basis. A tragedy could strike at any time, such as failed hardware, causing loss of vital data.

How often do I need to Back up?

That would be tailored to your needs. Some instances require hourly backups, others can be daily or even weekly backup routines.

Do I need a backup solution offsite?

It is highly advised to have an offsite backup solution. We cannot predict natural disasters such as fire that can destroy all the data onsite. Theft can also cripple a company if the hardware is stolen and there is no offsite backup to recover the data.

Do you manage backups?

We can manage your backups, test, and recover if there is a hardware failure or loss of data.

Can you develop a backup solution for us?

We can develop a backup solution that is tailored to your business.